How I got scammed with a meme token

I am going to try to start releasing videos in conjunction with my blog posts. I will try to hash out things a bit different on YouTube vs here so there is benefit if you want to read vs watch. However, I do think both are beneficial for any new comer to help realize potential risks and pitfalls especially when [...]

To Buy Sell or HODL Crypto

I often hear and read about how people don’t want to invest into crypto because the price is too high. They have missed the boat. And they are worried that it will crash soon. At the end of the last big crypto bull market, the prices crashed hard and we saw a big retracement. Bitcoin, for the most part, went [...]

BSC Yield Farming Week 3 v2

Hey yield farming enthusiasts! Sorry I missed a week in there (+1 day) but I better late than never! I just got wrapped up in Harmony yield farming that despite my love for yield farming on BSC... I just completely ignored my portfolio and chased my profits over there. I'll share a little bit of my thoughts in the closing [...]

Yield Farming Breakdown

Birth of Sushiswap and yield farming  With the popularity of UNISWAP in 2020, Sushiswap came into existence to solve a problem of impermanent loss. Without going into too much detail about that, yield farming is basically a way to make money from exchanges offering incentives for adding liquidity into the platform. Why? The platform makes money by having trades (which [...]

Connecting Harmony ONE and Metamask

This is a step by step guide on how I think it is easiest to setup a Harmony ONE wallet and link it to Metamask. Step 1: Create a Harmony One Wallet On Google chrome, download the web extension. Make sure to backup your wallet's seed by writing it down in a safe place. Step 2: Create a Harmony [...]

Harmony ONE

Harmony ONE is my top choice for this summer! I think it is going to do exceptionally well! But wait I hear you say, It has mooned already! It's too late! It's a new ATH! I can't emphasize this enough. Last week, I shared in my discord chat and I went to Reddit to basically drop my optimism for the [...]