BSC Yield Farming Week 3 v2

Hey yield farming enthusiasts! Sorry I missed a week in there (+1 day) but I better late than never! I just got wrapped up in Harmony yield farming that despite my love for yield farming on BSC... I just completely ignored my portfolio and chased my profits over there. I'll share a little bit of my thoughts in the closing [...]

Yield Farming Breakdown

Birth of Sushiswap and yield farming  With the popularity of UNISWAP in 2020, Sushiswap came into existence to solve a problem of impermanent loss. Without going into too much detail about that, yield farming is basically a way to make money from exchanges offering incentives for adding liquidity into the platform. Why? The platform makes money by having trades (which [...]

Connecting Harmony ONE and Metamask

This is a step by step guide on how I think it is easiest to setup a Harmony ONE wallet and link it to Metamask. Step 1: Create a Harmony One Wallet On Google chrome, download the web extension. Make sure to backup your wallet's seed by writing it down in a safe place. Step 2: Create a Harmony [...]

Harmony ONE

Harmony ONE is my top choice for this summer! I think it is going to do exceptionally well! But wait I hear you say, It has mooned already! It's too late! It's a new ATH! I can't emphasize this enough. Last week, I shared in my discord chat and I went to Reddit to basically drop my optimism for the [...]

BSC Yield Farming Results Version 2 Week 1

I moved cash around quite a bit this week and I would have preferred to sit down and break down the numbers but... For simplicity I am starting VERSION 2 of the numbers. The APR % on the previous weeks are still valid but a lot of my starting positions are different now. Also, I am moving towards recording the [...]

My experience with Crypto.Com

My experience I first used (CDC) back in April of 2020 buying $500 worth of BTC. I didn't really know much about CDC but at that time was very aggressive on marketing and they were doing a lot of promotions during the surge of Covid. They offered double the rewards for gift cards, zero fees while buying crypto [...]