The art of buying high and selling low

You have been eyeballing this token for a little while. You have been on the fence on it. You first discovered this token through reddit, maybe you read it on 4chan or it hit some chart on Coingecko so you book marked it and forgot about it. But now, all the sudden it goes up another 100% in an instant. [...]

Bitcoin Mining 2021

Bitcoin mining, or better yet Ethereum/altcoin mining has been extremely popular in 2021. I got a little lucky on my timeline when I started crypto mining because I got in before scarcity started hitting the GPU market but this is an amature "guide" to basically give you my experience/opinion about mining crypto. But as always to start this off... Disclaimer: [...]

BSC Yield Farming Results Week 1 & 2

I first started keeping track of my results manually writing it down on a paper. I quickly realized that wasn't going to be very efficient so then I took to excel and started recording my Liquidity Pool (LP) numbers. At first I wanted to just verify the APR and to see how the APR was changing over time but then [...]