BSC Projects

This is a list of projects that I have discovered and used on BSC. Please note that I am by no means endorsing these projects and most of these small exchanges I have only put like $50 worth of crypto into them. But I will try to do a little compiling of PROs and CONs of what I like of [...]

BSC yield farming

Between having a baby and work being crazy, I lost touch of my blog posts. I wish I had kept it up because the last six months have been crazy in the crypto world! But I will try to retouch some topics and catch up on what has happened. Meanwhile, I want to flash forward to what's happening right now [...]

Review of Blockcard By Ternio [TERN]

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The information on this site is for informational purposes and isn't financial advice. I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results as I have nor can I guarantee that the information shared here is appropriate for you. I am not employed by Ternio, LLC nor do they pay me for writing [...]