BSC Yield Farming Results Version 2 Week 1

BSC Yield Farming Results Version 2 Week 1

I moved cash around quite a bit this week and I would have preferred to sit down and break down the numbers but… For simplicity I am starting VERSION 2 of the numbers. The APR % on the previous weeks are still valid but a lot of my starting positions are different now.

Also, I am moving towards recording the numbers for the DEXes separately. With portfolio trackers struggling on the new fresh DEX of the week, I feel like it would be interesting to compare how they are doing but on a daily/weekly basis. I have started a discord channel if anyone wishes to join and hopefully this week I’ll be sharing the results daily. I just got some fine tuning to do before that’s ready.

Also, the subscribe button is finally on the website. You can find a small one on the comment section or on the sidebar. By subscribing, you’ll get an email notification anytime a new article is published. For Gmail this seems to land in promotions.

A big thing I wanted to see after last week’s post is comparing results from BIFI to AUTO and boy am I glad that we have some numbers to talk about! Let’s go item by item:

BTC-BNB matchup!






AUTO 256% APR  + 18.2% APR in AUTO tokens




AUTO 32% APR + 12.3% APR in AUTO tokens




AUTO 27% APR + 22.5% APR


So based on last week, it is actually kind of a toss up. For AUTO, BTC was triple the value but then with BIFI you have a huge staggering x10+ difference with BIFI. BIFI has started this thing where you can gain extra APR for a certain number of days so, don’t expect the high APR next week… Although if they keep doing the cross promotions, who knows maybe you will keep getting insane APRs. Either case, the numbers do impress me. I will be very interested to see what happens next week as we cost average these earnings.

Closing Thoughts

BIFI and AUTO seem to both be very competitive platforms. Next week I will have JETFUEL in the run for the CAKE pairing. I probably should add more matchups but in due time!

I am working on a handful of projects right now for the BLOG. As mentioned in the introduction, I am trying to post the BSC DEXes and compare them daily in Discord. I hope it works out!

I have been yield farming on Harmony which has been SUPER awesome. I am very opinionated on Harmony ONE now and I now think ONE will be the big winner of the summer! Maybe I am wrong. But keep a lookout for a post later about Harmony ONE. It is going to bring yield farming to a whole new level!

This week has been a bit painful for DEXes. While the market has done pretty well overall, BSC DEXes struggled a bit which may have been lead from PANCAKESWAP. Without going into too much detail, basically they got their domain hacked and then some people got scammed and then Goose did pretty bad this week because some… rough patches with their incubator. I am pretty bullish on BSC overall and I think these platforms have some legs to stand on so I am not terribly worried… However, I do think yield farming will make a switch towards Harmony ONE this summer (or spring). I’ll explain this later, in the week!

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