BSC Yield Farming Results Week 1 & 2

BSC Yield Farming Results Week 1 & 2

I first started keeping track of my results manually writing it down on a paper. I quickly realized that wasn’t going to be very efficient so then I took to excel and started recording my Liquidity Pool (LP) numbers. At first I wanted to just verify the APR and to see how the APR was changing over time but then I decided to share my results here and on medium. Before showing the results and digging into my findings, I wanted to focus on a couple points.

  1. These results don’t necessarily show profit. One item I took off (NYAS) went down significantly from about $300 to $30. But my LP went up with the high APR. While yield farming can be great, it does have room for rug pulls still but assuming things are maintaining value (or even increasing in value) then things can be super awesome.
  2. I am not affiliated with beefy or jetfuel or pancakeswap or auto finance or any other project that I have in my portfolio. I am simply a rookie investor that has studied finance in college and I am dedicating a % of my investments in extreme speculation even by crypto standards. Invest at your own risk and gage your own risk tolerance and if you decide to pursue yield farming know that you can easily lose a lot of your money (see the story above) very quickly. Which leads me to…
  3. Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The information on this site is for informational purposes and isn’t financial advice. I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results as I have nor can I guarantee that the information shared here is appropriate for you. My opinions are my own despite any referral links that may be within the blog. I am not also not a tax consultant or a CPA. As they say in the crypto world, DYOR.

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What a crazy couple weeks this has been! I am completely blown away with these results. Surprisingly enough, SPG and SOAK are top performers despite the fact that the markets have crashed in the recent days. You know what’s the real kicker? I am up 50% still on my SPG and SOAK investment because of yield farming! Yep, if I cashed out right now my SPG and SOAK then I would have 50% more BNB then before I had purchased them. Crazy right? That means if things keep on trend then I would have doubled my TOKENS within mere weeks. Let alone if the value of the tokens themselves double then I would have essentially quadrupled my money! Oh by the summer time I expect great things from yield farming.

I often gage the size and activity of telegram channels as a point of reference. Sure there are some channels that post more memes and other channels that might have more admin presence. But I will tally the total number of messages every week to make a simple comparison to add into my findings. What I have noticed is that…

Pancakeswap, Justliquidity, and surprisingly goosefinance are three of the more popular ones in recent days. Again, next week I will post findings.

I know this isn’t a complete snapshot of the DEXs on BSC but this is a nice starting point. This is a snapshot of the current prices/market cap AND liquidity based on the time of writing. I find it interesting that some tokens have a smaller market cap while providing more liquidity pairings. I don’t know if that means some are more valued or under valued but take the info for what you will.

Token Price Supply  Market Cap  Total Liquidity
CAKE 10.58 127233392  $  1,346,129,287.36  $  3,055,809,623.00
Justliquidity 185 436870  $        80,820,950.00  $        68,719,748.00
EGG 44.47 582754  $        25,915,070.38  $      147,773,951.00
Kebab 8.7 1394315  $        12,130,540.50  $        26,389,002.00
BREW 16.734 695817  $        11,643,801.68  $        17,684,063.00
SPG 58.194 98770  $           5,747,821.38  $           7,997,542.00
SMOKE 3.45 1588958  $           5,481,905.10  $           2,337,973.00
NAR 0.4352 11252392  $           4,897,041.00  $           3,630,848.00
SOAK 5.598 873794  $           4,891,498.81  $           7,997,542.00
BBOO 6.126 693921  $           4,250,960.05  $           5,994,402.00
CROW 1117 2941  $           3,285,097.00  $           5,875,914.00

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