BSC Yield Farming Results Week 3

BSC Yield Farming Results Week 3

Another week has gone by and I am glad to compile the results. After last week, several people asked me for the actual numbers on what I had original invested so, here are my original liquidity pools.

A couple things to note on the formatting this week. I have adjusted the APR based on time and projected annual liquidity pool on a more conservative number so these numbers will be deflated a little bit more from the previous method used to calculate.

I have listed a few more things with AUTO which for the BTC-BNB pairing, so far AUTO has better rewards. It’s pretty marginal but it is probably a worthy shoutout.

On the growth chart, I flipped the color schemes to have GREEN reflect bigger decreases and RED to reflect growth on liquidity pool APR. Why? Because if things are going up in APR, then that means that there was a huge negative price action on the token and that something wrong is probably happening. The big one that stands out is NYA. If you think about the technical side of this, it is because NYA had a huge scam a week+ ago which I briefly mentioned in my last update. Well, Pancake is still offering rewards for the NYA pool and the BIFI contract is selling the cake and buying more NYA with that cake. So, with CAKE going up in value, and NYA going down in value, you are acquiring even more liquidity pool tokens than the previous week. It is worth mentioning that this isn’t always bad. If NYA bounces back then my earnings will have been mega boosted from BIFI but a shrinking APR yield is probably a good reflection every week.

I was going to add in individual farming groups onto this list but I decided to take off all non-BIFI/AUTO/Jetfuel and put that down in the next section. It is just too much work to harvest rewards, buy up the tokens and then track that for the weekly reports. So, for all tense and purposes, this is just an hawkeye view of what’s happening with almost every BIFI liquidity pool that is out there.

Lastly, I am not a financial advisor. The information on this site is for informational purposes and isn’t financial advice. I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results as I have nor can I guarantee that the information shared here is appropriate for you. My opinions are my own despite any referral links that may be within the blog. I am not also not a tax consultant or a CPA. As they say in the crypto world, DYOR. By adding things on this list, I am by no ways endorsing them and for all I know they can be rugpulled/scammed tomorrow. I have filtered out some of the noise but there is a lot of stuff that happens in the crypto world.

Unfortunately, I wasnt quite sure where I was going for when I started compiling these numbers so I am lacking some information here. Going forward, I am going to add some extra details in here like +- change by week on: price, market cap, supply, and telegram engagements. For me, I find these metrics very important so hopefully we can benefit from this together. I’ll do a small amount of my personal opinion/analysis after the picture. If you want me to add projects to the list, feel free to request it and I’ll try my best to follow it.

The last column % of PCS stands for % of Pancakeswap, in terms of telegram chat. Pancakeswap being the standard, each of these telegram channels was measured against it. This isn’t a perfect measure because some channels were blowing up in chat in the past due to being rugged pulled. Several of these projects start spamming like crazy after being scammed and the admins don’t put any effort into maintaining their chats. It is just an additional metric that I find interesting is why it is included.

A couple notes:

  • Some of the DEXs don’t make it easy to find the TVL and I ran out of time today to try to look for it. I will hopefully find them all next time.
  • I thought I had started recording the # of telegram posts since last week but I guess I missed a couple
  • Lists of Rugged projects since I started monitoring on this list
    • Nya (arguably)
    • Viking
    • I took it off the list but I probably should readd it back on but NUGGET the developer just went MIA so I might as well consider that a rugged.
  • There is a LOT of FUD out there so it is hard to dispel stuff ESPECIALLY when you have telegram admins going MIA. And let’s be real, maybe the scam projects are just coming back to squeeze a little bit more money out too, I have had that experience happen to me before in the past (I’ll post that story next week).

I organized these DEXs by Marketcap because I think that’s a very good indicator of the project. As you can see, Pancakeswap is significantly bigger than the others but the other things I find extremely interesting.


Goosefinance is an interesting shout out this week. I bought a couple eggs like weeks ago but they have done exceptionally well this week. I was trying to decide between Goose vs Slimefinance vs NUGGET to deposit like 3k worth of BTC to get a higher yield and unfortunately I chose the wrong project. Goose finance was the first big project that made some changes since Pancakeswap by removing the migrating code and they have been talking a lot about security. They also charge a deposit fee for their farms which buys back EGGs and burns them so that gives some extra scarcity to the platform. Well, a lot of platforms are now forking off of goosefinance and that’s the newer trend this week from my perspective. They also released their yield farming option which is pretty cool in my opinion. I may still deposit money into goose but that deposit fee is so painful, especially paying it twice OOPH. The community is extremely active.


Julswap is another big DEX in the marketplace. They have it built in to place limit orders which is super awesome BUT their downside in my opinion is the interface. It is not as clean and modern as pancakeswap/the forks. A great contender going forward. Some weeks Julswap community have been more active than PCS so that’s worth mentioning.


Apeswap is a quiet beast. They are SO active both in admin and community. Because of this, I feel like apeswap has a good spot to compete going forward. Although, having BANANO is my portfolio gives me mixed feelings about the banana meme competition! The big downside is definitely the low TVL.


I don’t know if I am falling into another rugpull or what but Mochiswap has like the smallest telegram community which is extremely active. For about 700 members, this last week they have talked a third of the amount of PCS. That’s extremely positive! I have made quite of bit of money with Mochi and with the tiny marketcap, I hope they are legit.


I have very mixed feelings about this platform. They used to be thesmokehouse and they launched a new platform which is in fact unique. But this gives me some bad vibes. While they did do a smoke buy back and burn, I feel like they just threw away the old project/community in lieu of a new project which is cool for them but made the original smoke tokens kind of useless. I threw in another .2 BNB in the new platform ONLY because of the unique feature of “lvling up” and that you gain extra staking position the longer you hold which could be unique enough to last but again… I am pretty salty.

If you are looking for something a little lower on marketcap, slime on the list has decent TVL and a decent telegram participation. They are a fork off of goose. I was so close to depositing my BTC on this platform over nugget but lol… Here I am 🙁

That’s all I got. What’s my overall favorite BIFI/AUTO/JET project? Probably WATCH actually. I enjoy that I can see my portfolio broken down and the pro features just by HODLing WATCH are spot on. Will it be a big winner this year? I think so. There has been a lot of chart tokens coming out but personally I dont care about charts as much as I care about seeing how my liquidity portions are doing. I would highly recommend for checking out your positions. The PRO features are there for a limited time for free but you can look up any public address using the website.

My favorite DEX project of the week? Probably Mochi or Goose. Goose I feel like is a safer bet but the deposit fee really holds me back. Mochi is a pretty low cap token that I have been making a good amount of money with but honestly I am a bit terrified of.

What do you think? What projects are you a fan of? Leave a comment. Any other things you would like to see tracked?

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      Goose has been good. And relatively stable, although the coin price spiked this past week.

      I’m also on Salt. But a bit concerned with it, so I lowered my liquidity. Their coin dropped about 40% last week, but it’s been holding on the lower $7.

      I’m curious to test autofarm, let’s see this week if I don’t find anything else. (maybe mochi??)

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