How I got scammed with a meme token

I am going to try to start releasing videos in conjunction with my blog posts. I will try to hash out things a bit different on YouTube vs here so there is benefit if you want to read vs watch. However, I do think both are beneficial for any new comer to help realize potential risks and pitfalls especially when [...]

My experience with Crypto.Com

My experience I first used (CDC) back in April of 2020 buying $500 worth of BTC. I didn't really know much about CDC but at that time was very aggressive on marketing and they were doing a lot of promotions during the surge of Covid. They offered double the rewards for gift cards, zero fees while buying crypto [...]

Lessons learned from day trading in college

Buying and selling with volatility Back in college, I had a finance stock class that used marketwatch’s stock simulator. We each started out with $50,000 fake money and it was part of your grade in a class of 100 students to see how well you could make money throughout the semester. Obviously, this invited a more day trading approach than [...]