Doge 261% APR Yield Farming

Doge 261% APR Yield Farming

Gone are the days of staking your crypto for low interest rates. We have yield farming to earn mega returns on our crypto now! Interested in earning 261% APR on Doge? Look no further! This guide will walk you through it!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The information on this site is for informational purposes and isn’t financial advice. I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results as I have nor can I guarantee that the information shared here is appropriate for you. My opinions are my own despite any referral links that may be within the blog. I am not also not a tax consultant or a CPA.

In order to follow this guide, you will need either a metamask or a trust wallet account setup with BSC AND SafePal.

SafePal is available as a mobile app. You probably can skip this step if you are not in the USA and have a Binance account.

For Metamask, you can follow the guide from Binance at

For trust wallet, download the app on your phone and make sure you are working with “Smart Chain” which is the BEP20 version of BNB. For this guide, I will be walking you through the screen shots on the mobile device for trust wallet BUT if you are working on a desktop and are familiar with metamask, then it is extremely simple to use as long as you get BNB or Doge (BEP20)  into your smart contract wallet.


Once you download Trust Wallet, click on the DApp section on the far bottom

Click on the Binance app towards the left.

Open your Binance wallet. This is a non KYC wallet from Binance on SafePal. How safe is it? I am not sure, I have only used it for transitional purposes but this wallet lets you convert assets into BEP20 very easily and you can access Binance’s full exchange here which is important if you are in the USA!

Make sure you have “Hide small balances” showing like in the image. Search for Doge. Then click on Doge (dogecoin).

Click “Deposit” on the far bottom.

Make sure you have “dogecoin” highlighted which is going to be the native doge coin. Copy your wallet address and deposit your dogecoin here. If you don’t have doge coin yet you can purchase it with this wallet or wait to buy it on BSC exchange.

Once your Dogecoin successfully deposits into this wallet, click withdrawal on the far bottom.

This time you are going to click BEP20 (BSC), choose how much you want to withdrawal (I suggest a smaller amount for your first transfer so you can feel confident it is going to your account), and enter the address where you want to send your BSC Dogecoin. Take note, that this is a Binance pegged Doge coin which you can also send back to this wallet at any time and swap back to the doge coin on the native Dogecoin network. At this point, you should be sending your dogecoin to your metamask BSC wallet or your Trust wallet.

In your Trust wallet, open your DApp section and type (or just kebab finance and search for it). If you are using metamask, then same thing but on your internet browser.

By default, your ethereum contract will open up on your trust wallet so click on the symbol up top and make sure it has the BSC symbol instead. For binance, you just click on the “Ethereum Mainnet” up top and choose your Smart Chain wallet before opening the website. Once you are here, go to “Liquidity” on the left.

Click add liquidity.

At this point, you will be adding an equal pairing of Doge with BUSD. You can click “Max” on either side that is greater and then the bottom you will Approve contract and then you can add liquidity (takes two. Approving and adding).

Now you are ready to head back to the Farm!

Find Doge and click “Select”

I already have tokens here but same thing you need to click approve and stake liquidity. Once you are here, you will see “unstake” or the “+” which you can always add more liquidity or take out your liquidity. And you are done! You will earn rewards constantly in Kebab which you can use to sell for more doge or whatever else your heart’s desire! Depending on the amount of liquidity you add here, you can cash out whenever it makes sense to you. Based on my image, if I harvested now, I would get about $2.16 worth of Kebab and it would cost me about .3 to harvest. I am not in any particular hurry so I’ll leave it brewing for another day or two before I take it out and probably throw it into my staking pile.

So if 261% APR is the reward, what is the risk?

Working with smart contracts, the information is all public and so you can read the code yourself! But odds are you are probably not an expert in this field so… Maybe someone can exploit kebabfinance and steal your dogecoin. Kebabfinance is a fork off of pancakeswap, which is a fork off of sushiswap which is a fork off of uniswap… So… The core code is fairly solid so it is probably unlikely but it is still a possibility.

To do the pairing, you have to pair it with BUSD, which isn’t my favorite pairing. You may suffer impermanent loss but at 261% APR, is it worth it? That’s something you will have to decide for yourself. Also, that APR rate is based on the liquidity amount that is staked right now vs the rewards the platform is giving out. The APR is subjected to change and the rewards could always go up/down. Also, with the rewards being paid in Kebab, the rewards themselves could go up or down depending on price action. For example, if Kebab doubled tomorrow, then obviously my APR would go up too.

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