Connecting Harmony ONE and Metamask

Connecting Harmony ONE and Metamask

This is a step by step guide on how I think it is easiest to setup a Harmony ONE wallet and link it to Metamask.

Step 1: Create a Harmony One Wallet

On Google chrome, download the web extension.

Make sure to backup your wallet’s seed by writing it down in a safe place.

Step 2: Create a Harmony ONE network on Metamask

Open your Metamask account or click here to download it.

Click on the top where it says “Ethereum Mainnet”, and choose “Custom RPC”. You can follow the picture to add the information that you need or you can go to Harmone ONE’s website for their guide

Once you have the Custom RPC saved, make sure you choose Harmony Mainnet for your network in order to interact on Harmony.

Step 3: import private keys

Open your Harmony ONE wallet, click on the Menu on the top right and click “Export Private Key”. This will link your Harmony ONE wallet into your Metamask account.

Click on your user icon on the top right and choose “Import Account.” Paste your private key from your Harmony ONE wallet into this account.

Go forth and use

Now you can use your Harmony wallet on Viperswap or any other Harmony based DEX. Mochiswap is up and running with hopefully the liquidity pools starting this week. Here are both of those DEXes.

Funding Wallet

Now that you’ve linked both wallets into one, I generally like to send using my ONE address. You’ll find this address by opening your ONE wallet using the chrome extension however both are connected. So if you use your ONE address, it will appear in your Metamask account and vice versa.

You will need your Metamask account in order to use the Ethereum or BSC bridge but at this point it is pretty intuitive. If you need help feel free to reach out on Discord or Telegram and subscribe to follow future posts. Stay safe out there!

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