BSC Yield Farming Results Version 2 Week 1

I moved cash around quite a bit this week and I would have preferred to sit down and break down the numbers but... For simplicity I am starting VERSION 2 of the numbers. The APR % on the previous weeks are still valid but a lot of my starting positions are different now. Also, I am moving towards recording the [...]

My experience with Crypto.Com

My experience I first used (CDC) back in April of 2020 buying $500 worth of BTC. I didn't really know much about CDC but at that time was very aggressive on marketing and they were doing a lot of promotions during the surge of Covid. They offered double the rewards for gift cards, zero fees while buying crypto [...]

Lessons learned from day trading in college

Buying and selling with volatility Back in college, I had a finance stock class that used marketwatch’s stock simulator. We each started out with $50,000 fake money and it was part of your grade in a class of 100 students to see how well you could make money throughout the semester. Obviously, this invited a more day trading approach than [...]

BSC Yield Farming Results Week 4

What a great week for crypto. Shout out to big dog BTC for breaking new ATHs of 60k and for the whole market rallying to new heights. For BSC yield farming, it hasn't been without its losses. It's probably worth mentioning that you should be careful even with BIFI/AUTO/JETFUEL projects. But with that being said, I have noticed a few [...]

Basics of Vite & ViteX

Vite/VX Vite is the native coin for the Vite network. Vite is found on Binance and on ViteX with the higher volume on Binance. The team is fairly small but have made some impressive strides building their platform on DAG. What is DAG? Basically it is a way to validate transactions that is more peer-to-peer which makes transactions technically POW [...]

Crypto Wallets

Hard wallets, mobile wallets, and browser wallets. Wallets are options of keeping your crypto coins/tokens under your control. Basically, you are your own bank/steward and are solely responsible for what happens to your money. Don’t like your bank? Don’t like/trust your crypto exchange? Then a hard wallet might be an option for you. Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. [...]